Who Am I?

4+ Years riding the Indian National Road Racing and 1st runner up for Idemitsu Honda Talent Cup One Make NSF 250 2019 & 2020, championship winner of Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup One Make NSF 250 in 2021 with 4 consecutive pole to 1st positio, 6 consective 2positions. Current racing internationally in Asia Talent Cup, Thailand Talent Cup, & the Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup One Make NSF 250 2022.


Why Do I Race ?

My inspiration for racing, started with my grandfather Mr. Pratab kumar who used to race modified scooters at the Sholavaram racetrack and my uncles who both raced and won events at the MMRT. At a very young age I would watch MotoGP and F1 races with them and that was how my journey into racing began. My first time riding on the track I realised racing is what I wanted to do, but being able to open up the bike and feel its power and slowly get more and more comfortable with the bike, turn after turn lap after lap and become one with it and slowly push beyond my comfort zones bettering my timings and riding. I remember wanting to get my knee down like the motogp racres and finally accomplising it and look real cool doing it….. The many people, riders, techinicians, trainers and coaches I have met from the time I have started riding, some inspiring me to become a better racer, some helping me improve my skills and some just to have fun on track day all in all a varied bunch of people helping me along my racing journey I am glad to call my racing friends. Learning to understand the bike, the techinicallaties that go into bike set up, the riding skills required to push the bike and myself to the limit are some of the most fun times I have had. When I race the whole world fades away, it’s just my bike, the track and me. I enjoy the excitement of having to battle it out to the chequred flag, there are times during races that things don’t go as per the plan and it disappoints me, but then again it is motorcycle racing and anything can happen but knowing how to overcome issues and confidence to make the best out of any situation, I believe makes a good racer and worthy competitor. I believe it was a quote from a Batman movie “ Why do we fall, so we can learn to pick ourselves up”, something me and my fellow racers learn early, and something that stays with us throughout our carrier.


Where am I going?

Competing internationally in the ATC and the TTC, has given me a clear perspective on the high standard of racing skill, fitness and mental preparedness required to move up the Motocycle Racing ladder. It has also given me a clear picture of sponsorship that I will require on my journey to reach MotoGP. It is thanks to the commitment of my partners and sponsors that I have managed to come this far. The next leg of my journey be it ETC, RED Bull rookie Cup, Suzuka or the JWC and further on to MotoGP will require a lot more diigence from my end on fitness and devloping my riding skills further. Signing up with a internationally recoginised team by the end of 2022 to help me train and participate in and move up the racing ladder will bring me closer to achieving my goal. This will involve a considerable finincial aspect that I hope to achieve with financial support from my sposnsors on my journey to one day making my country proud by standing on the podium with my national flag and national anthem playing in MotoGP.



  1. 2018

    National Championships Stock upto 165CC

    Participated in National Championship


    Round 1, Race 1 & Race 2, Qualified Pole, winner of both races

  2. 2019

    Indemitsu Honda Talent Cup

    2019 Idemitsu Honda Talent Cup NSF250 – Championship  

    Runner Up with 6 podiums, with fifth place, Posting a best of 01:53.111

  3. 2019

    Idemistsu Honda Talent Cup

    Race champion of Idemitsu Honda Talent Cup

    2019 NSF250 – Wild card 18th Position.

  4. 2022

    Thailand Talent Cup

    Participated in Thailand Talent Cup


  5. 2022

    Asia Talent Cup

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