Kavin Samaar Quintal


Rider Profile

Name: Kavin Samaar Quintal

Date of Birth: 11 May 2005

City: Chennai

School: Sir Mutha School

Grade: 11

Racing Experience: 4 years in Indian
National Road Racing Championships

Racing Profile

Team: Honda Racing India

Moto Category: NSF250R

Racing Experience:

2021 IHTC NSF250 – Championship leader with 4 consecutive
pole to 1st position and 2 second positions

2020 IHTC NSF250 – Championship Runner Up with 3
podiums (Short Season)

2019 Idemitsu Thai Talent Cup NSF250 (Wildcard) – 18th

2019 Idemitsu Honda Talent Cup NSF250 – Championship
Runner Up with 6 podiums

2018 National Championship 165 Stock Racing


Mecca of motorcycle racing

  • European Talent Cup also known as Hawkers European Talent Cup is one of the highest platforms for racing talent developement.
  • HETC mostly comprises of European racers 12 years upwards.
  • All of them race NSF250R, setup by professional racing teams in Europe, providing them the best competitive setup and environment to learn racing at a pro-level.
  • HETC is governed by the sporting and technical regulations defined by FIM Europe.
  • 2022 edition will be the sixth year of incubating talent for world class racing.

Why support Kavin?

Kavin Quintal a young upcoming talent from India who is well known in the racing circuit and among racing fans. 

Champion racer in India who is on a record breaking spree, currently leading the 2021 championship.

He will be the youngest racer from India to venture into a European Series. 

His performance is notwithstanding, he will have a lot of coverage during his stint in the European Series. 

He has a great opportunity to succeed and build his racing career towards the world championship. 

He is a dedicated racer and will be a role model for the younger generation.

Brands can have a fabulous association with him for many years to come.

A great ambassador for the country and motorsports in India.