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Asia Road Racing Championship 2023

The final round of the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship witnessed heart-pounding action and sheer determination as the riders of IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team battled it out on the tracks of Chang International Circuit (Buriram), Thailand in the Asia Production 250cc class (AP250 class). The Indian duo, Kavin Quintal and Mohsin Paramban, showcased their riding prowess and resilience, leaving a lasting impression during the 10 lap race in the 2023 Asian Road Racing Championship. In Race 2, starting from grid 11, Kavin Quintal put on an impressive show in the last race of the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship and continued his quest for victory in the final round. The excitement intensified as he very strategically manoeuvred his way and pushed his limits on the track giving strong competition to other riders. He crossed the chequered line in the 10th position with a total time of 18 :56.590. Meanwhile, his teammate Mohsin Paramban from Mallapuram unfortunately did not finish the Race 2 of AP250cc.

In Race 1, in the afternoon heat, Kavin Quintal exhibited unwavering focus and skill, maintaining consistency throughout the race. Despite facing challenges, Kavin showcased his prowess on the track, securing a strong position. Unfortunately, a mechanical failure in the last few laps prevented him from finishing the race. However, his performance until that point highlighted his commitment and racing prowess. Mohsin started the race from the 20th position. Through strategic moves and expert throttling, Mohsin secured the 16th position, proving his mettle against tough competition on the track. With the end of Round 2, The IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team has earned additional six valuable points, bringing their total to 33 points in the 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC).

Commenting on today’s race, Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, said, “Kavin Quintal and Mohsin Paramban demonstrated exceptional skills and determination throughout the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship. Despite the challenges faced, their performances reflect the true spirit of racing DNA. Kavin Quintal navigated his way throught the tough competitors and secured the top 10 finish. We are proud to have them represent HMSI, and we look forward to more thrilling races ahead in the near future. They have kept their calm and exhibited their racing prowess and performace. They have been trained well and the entire Honda Racing India team is proud of their strong representation on the international soil in the 2023 season.” “Despite the challenges, I am proud of the effort and dedication I had put into the finale race today. In the final race, I gave it my all and secured the 10th position, which is a testament to the hard work of my team and me. This experience only motivates me further to push my limits and aim for even better results in future races. I appreciate the unwavering support from my team and eagerly look forward to showcasing an even stronger performance in the races to come,” said Honda Racing India rider Kavin Quintal.

“In Race 2, I was determined to make a stronger impact, and despite starting from a challenging position, I fought my way through the competition but unfortunately could not finish the race. Every race teaches me something new, and I am focused on refining my skills. I appreciate the support from the Honda team, and I am determined to continually improve and deliver better performances in the future, ” said Honda Racing India rider Mohsin Paramban. (ANI)

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